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Starting the Spring Semester Off Right!

posted Jan 12, 2011, 8:01 AM by Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity

Welcome back DTP members!!!

On behalf of the Executive Board, we hope you all had a wonderful winter vacation and are ready to start off the spring semester right! We have lots of fun things planned for the spring semester, so get your schedules ready for some fun! We would like to offer some helpful tips for starting your spring semester off right!
1. Be Prepared!
    -Print off your class syllabi and get started on that early homework!
    -Stock up on legal pads and highlighters (or lurk around the tables in search of free supplies)
2. Go Grocery Shopping
    -Stock up on some healthy foods, including nutritious snacks to get you through the day
3. Get Exercise!
    -Remember, staying healthy and fit is absolutely essential so you don't miss class
4. Clean your room/apartment/house
    -Coming home to a clean home environment can help eliminate stress
5. Do your laundry!
6. Revise your resume and take a look at Symplicity!
    -Perhaps schedule a meeting with the Careers Services Office
    -Buy Guerilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams by Kimm Walton! CSO sells it for only $10.00!
7. Find a study haven!
8. Be frugal with your financial resources!
    -We're already piling up our student loan debt, so be smart with your budget.
9. Reward yourself for getting your work done!
    -Go to a some junk food... you deserve it for being prepared for class!
10. Start outlining early!
    -Just do it! No more procrastination! Buckle down, bite the bullet, and you can do it!